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When a problem comes along... You must Whippet!

Who we are

The Social Justice Club aims to turn the tradition of elite, members-only, private “social clubs” on its head. While Whippet Lab is open to everyone, like those “old boys’ clubs,” The Social Justice Club has a membership.

What we do

We co-organize events with local and international non-profit organizations dedicated to fighting for social justice. These can include issues like: racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, classism, climate change, animal welfare, economic equality, immigration, refugees, voting rights and electoral politics, among others.

Why join?

Members get the chance to meet people from organizations with which they might not otherwise be involved, creating a broad-spectrum social justice network and finding ways for activists, organizers, artists, theorists, and others to work together on overlapping issues and projects.

Member Benefits

Membership is 500 SEK. With this, you will receive a 5% discount on your bill at Whippet Lab during your membership year.

Sarah SHULMAN with Anna-Maria SÖRBERG 10.25.22



On occasional Sundays throughout the year, we host free screenings of politically and socially relevant films. Now in collaboration with: Join Whippet Lab’s Cinema Social Club Facebook group for announcements:
Whippet Lab’s occasional exclusive, all-inclusive cocktail and beer lounge. Guest DJ’s and drink specials. Party atmosphere. Join the atmosQUEER Facebook group for announcements: