VS Brodie & Jami Weinstein, Proprietors
Sherlock, General Manager

Add one part social club to one part laboratory and you get Whippet Lab and Social Justice Club. Aiming to bring together the science of food, beer, & cocktails, and a new spin on social justice activism. 

Finally, a social club for the resistance!

Whippet Lab is co-owned by Jami Weinstein, a professor, and VS Brodie, a chef, with Sherlock, a whippet-greyhound mix from Cork, Ireland. Jami and VS have decades of experience in both hospitality and social/political activism. They wanted to create ‘that place,’ the one they would miss when they are not in Stockholm, the one that fills several voids in the Stockholm scene – a brewpub that features uniquely good food and a wide range of local Nordic and Baltic microbreweries (we call it a “microbrew lounge”), a cocktail bar that serves carefully mixed drinks using only small batch spirits and fresh ingredients, and a kitchen that serves creative, cosmopolitan, comfort food that is artistic without pretention – everything you would want to eat in one place, served in perfect medium sized portions.

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They also wanted to find an outlet for their increasing frustration with political negativity—a place where people could do something, at least in small part, about everything. “When a problem comes along, you must Whippet” (to spin Devo’s 1980 track slightly). Whippet Lab’s Social Justice Club is thus a place for interesting and fun events, debates, screenings, exhibitions, afterwork discussions and mingles, where people from all sides of the resistance can come together to network, share strategies, and collaborate on creating a better world. These events are co-sponsored with, and exclusively benefit, local and international organizations dedicated to fighting for social justice. These can include, for example, organizations fighting against racism, homophobia, sexism, classism, climate change, or who support animal rescue, the arts, literature, economic equality, immigration, feminism, and refugees. For more on our activities click button:

Whippet Lab is a dog friendly, stylish restaurant-microbrew lounge-cocktail bar with a menu that satisfies a growing population of conscious, creative, cosmopolitan urban dwellers — a relaxed, social, diverse, and dynamic environment where guests can enjoy that great food, sip unique craft beer and handcrafted cocktails while having the space to talk and hatch plans for innovative projects aimed at creating a better world.



Brodie designed the menu at Whippet Lab to to be affordable, while appealing to the discriminating tastes of a wide range of food lovers – allowing guests to create their own tasting menus from a choice of 15 rotating medium-sized plates and 5 desserts. Evolving with the seasons, and addressing sustainable living, the menu consists of good, local food that just happens not to have meat (though there are several fish options).

VS Brodie has been a chef for 25 years in Paris, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. She was the co-owner and chef of The Catering Company (Paris, France) for 17 years, where she gained the trust and loyalty of Jean-Paul Gaultier, Chanel, L’Oreal, Louis Vuitton, Karl Lagerfeld, Daniel Buren, Stella McCartney, Elle Magazine, Google, and Mozilla among others with her ability to adapt her specialized menus to customer’s needs. At The Catering Company, she ran a kitchen with a team of up to 15 chefs, organizing parties from 50 to 2,000 guests.

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